Planning A Menu

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Sometimes the hardest thing about a throwing a party is just planning the menu! You want delicious dishes that you can prepare without a total kitchen meltdown (we’ve all had them!) but still wow your guests. This time of year, I start with a list of Spring ingredients that are popping up in stores everywhere – little radishes, baby lettuces, asparagus, and rhubarb.

Then I make a menu of dishes with those ingredients that everyone can eat, and finally, I’ll prepare a game plan to make sure I can actually pull it off – something served at room temperature, some things in the oven, some on top of the stove, and hopefully a few dishes that I can assemble in advance so I’m not in a full sweat when my friends arrive! I’ve posted a delicious – and do-able! – Spring Dinner Menu on my homepage, and I hope you love it!

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