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Ina, I think I've found my Jeffrey. How do I know he's the one? Also, what do you recommend I cook for him?

From Maria - New Jersey

A roast chicken! If he's a real Jeffrey, it'll be his favorite! 

Having friends over for a casual pizza dinner. Would you serve starters with this?

From Marianne - Milwaukee, WI

I would serve a big Italian salad with lots greens, radicchio and Parmesan alongside the pizza.

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Once opened, how long can capers be kept around and must they be in the liquid?

From Claudia - Bangor, ME

I keep the capers in the liquid to keep them moist, and they last for months in the refrigerator. 

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Where do you get the fig leaves that you use to decorate cheese platters? Do you have any alternate suggestions to dress up a platter?

From Isabella - Brookline, MA

I actually have a fig tree in my garden so I'm able to use those leaves, but a florist can get you other flat leaves, such as galax or lemon leaves. 

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I am wondering when I should salt my pasta water. Is it when it starts to boil, before, or when I add the pasta?

From Allison - Naperville, IL

I always salt my pasta water when I begin heating it on the stove. You could add it when the water starts to boil, just make sure to add it before the pasta! 

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I am planning to make the skillet brownies for 8 people, and I want to know if you suggest doubling the batter or making it in two separate batches.

From Anne Keim - New York

Though I haven't tried making the Skillet Brownies for 8, I don't see any reason why you couldn't just double the batter. 

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