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I love your show and love cooking and cookbooks, however, I don't have any of your books! Which of your books would you recommend getting first? I want them all but, where should I start?

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I always recommend starting with the first book, The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook. There are really simple recipes like Perfect Roasted Chicken and Outrageous Brownies that everyone wants to know how to make. Hope you love it! 

I volunteer in a kindergarten and teach cooking as part of my work with the students. I want to have them make "Rori's Potato Chips" from Barefoot Contessa Parties! No oven temperature is listed. Help!

From Elizabeth Schmitt - San Diego, CA

Rori's Potato Chips bake at 325 degrees. Unfortunately, the baking temperature was omitted in the first edition.

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I was wondering what food mill you would recommend?

From Teresa Christiansen - Lakewood Ranch, Fl

I use a Mouli food mill and would highly recommend it. 

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My question is regarding instant coffee granules versus instant espresso granules in various recipes. Are these distinctly different and should I buy two different products?

From Helen Bilodeau-Kielbasa - Charlottesville, VA

They are two different products. Instant espresso powder has a stronger coffee flavor than the instant coffee granules. I decide which ingredient to use depending on the amount of coffee flavor I would like in a particular recipe. 

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I'm making the Tres Leches Cake and it seems like too much milk mixture. Do I use it all? I'm afraid it won't be all absorbed. Help!

From Beverly - Sarasota, FL

It's astonishing to me every time I make this cake, but yes, all the milk mixture does get absorbed eventually. Don't worry if it seems like too much at first. 

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I'd like to make scones and freeze them to take on a family vacation to a mountain cabin. Do I freeze before or after baking?

From Nancy - Doylestown, PA

I would roll out the dough, cut out the scones out, and freeze them before baking. Then, defrost and bake when you get there! 

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