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Can the Decadent (Gluten-Free) Chocolate Cake be made with regular flour?

From Pete Mapelli - Carmel, NY

Yes! Just substitute 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour for the gluten-free flour. 

I love how one way you show your love for Jeffrey is by cooking for him. What good recipes would you recommend I cook for my boyfriend when he is studying for his law school finals?

From Allie Van Dine - Washington, DC

What a lovely thing to do. I think he'd really appreciate the Perfect Roast Chicken from The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook, or the Skillet Roasted Lemon Chicken from Cooking from Jeffrey. 

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I have always loved your decor and style and was hoping to confirm if you have ever used Farrow & Ball's "Light Gray"? I'm remodeling my kitchen and family room and love the warmth of your space.

From Katie Binzer - Cincinnati, OH

Yes! The walls of the barn are actually Light Gray. I think it's a beautiful, rich neutral that goes with anything. 

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I have a question about Tate's chocolate chip cookies. Is there something special about these that would affect the Mocha Icebox Cake, or can I use any brand?

From Esther - Sunset Beach, NC

Tate's cookies are very thin and crisp, which makes them perfect for soaking up the mocha whipped cream. However, any similarly thin and crisp chocolate chip cookie should work for the recipe. 

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I was planning on making your winter minestrone soup for a family friend who's feeling down, but I'm concerned with how the pasta will hold up if the soup is reheated or frozen.

From Jennifer - Boston

The soup may need a little bit of extra liquid (stock or water) when it's reheated, but otherwise it should be totally fine! 

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How do you know which onion to use in a dish if the recipe does not specify? Red, yellow, white, sweet, green? Is there a general rule of thumb for which to use?

From Marcia Potter - Denver, CO

Unless the recipe specifies otherwise, I would always assume it's calling for yellow onions.

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