Coffee Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches

Serves 4 Beginner

Photo: Quentin Bacon

  • 1 pint coffee chocolate chip gelato or ice cream, such as Talenti
  • 8 chocolate chip cookies, such as Tate’s
  • ½ cup Heath English Toffee Bits

Leave the ice cream at room temperature for about 15 minutes, until it’s soft enough to scoop but not melted. Place 4 cookies, flat side up, on a cutting board and, using a 2½-inch standard ice cream scoop, put one rounded scoop of ice cream on each cookie.  Place 4 more cookies on top, pressing lightly until the ice cream is at the edge of the cookies.  Put the toffee bits in a shallow bowl and working quickly, roll the edge of the sandwiches in the toffee bits, using your hand to fill in the spaces.   Place the sandwiches immediately in the freezer and freeze them until they’re firm.  Wrap well and keep frozen until ready to serve.

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