Is There Anything More Jewish Than a Big Pot of Chicken Soup?

Monday, April 15, 2024

Photo: Quentin Bacon

Is there anything more Jewish than making a big pot of chicken soup? Yes, there is - making it a week in advance! My Passover menu is not very elaborate; for me, it’s all about old-fashioned flavors with a modern twist. I hope you love this menu and that your house smells like the holiday! Happy Passover!

What's on the Menu

Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls - Parties!, page 63.
Brisket with Onions & Leeks
- Cooking for Jeffrey, page 96.
Roasted Vine Tomatoes
- Cooking for Jeffrey, page 137.
Asparagus Cacio e Pepe
- Go-To Dinners, page 175.
Coconut Macaroons - Family Style, page 163.

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