Charcuterie Platter


These are certainly only suggestions for what I put on my charcuterie platter but please be creative and choose the products you like best!

  • Salami, sliced
  • Sharp Cheddar, such as Cabot
  • Triple crème cheese, such as Mount Tam (Cowgirl Creamery)
  • Sliced Italian prosciutto di Parma
  • Fresh figs
  • Cheese straws, such as Macy’s
  • Salted, roasted Marcona almonds
  • Dried apricots
  • Clementines
  • Coarse mustard, such as Maille
  • Chutney, such as Stonewall Kitchen
  • Breads, for serving

Place the large items, such as the cheeses, salamis, and cheese straws on a flat wood board large enough to hold everything. It helps to have the large items spaced out so you can fill in between them with the smaller things. Spoon the mustard and chutney into small bowls and place them on the board, also nicely spaced. Then fill in the board between everything in large blocks of color – all the figs together, all the almonds together, etc. flowing between the cheeses and salamis. Don’t be tempted to put things like apricots or figs in several places – it will make the charcuterie board look too busy. Group like things together and the display will look simple and elegant.

Serve at room temperature with cheese knives and with a basket of breads.

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